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You have to replace the job label in the query. You can enter the command as a single line by ommitting this character and the newline. We get a single hit, which means that the Disabled key is overridden. Its value is true. We would receive No nodes found if the key had not been overriden. We have already learned that launchd loads jobs automatically, daemons at boot time, agents when the user logs in.

The following example loads the agent com. If this happens the job has either set the Disabled key to true or the job has been disabled in the override database. Should the job be disabled or should the Disabled key be overridden in the override database the button will have its label changed to "Force Load" automatically.

The following example unloads the agent com.

ulimit and /etc/security/

Unloading a job with LaunchControl is similar to loading a job. When the currently selected job is loaded, the "Load" button will have its label changed to "Unload":. Sometimes you may want to start a job regardless of its run conditions. This section explains how to do that. You either misspelled the Label of the job or forgot to load it in the first place. When launchd is about to load a job it will check if it has the Disabled key set.

Disabled jobs will not be loaded. But the value of this key can be overridden. OSX The procedure is different for agents and daemons. You'll need the label of the job you want to remove. In this example: local. For agents type:. Starting with OSX Additionally the database is read only when launchd starts. Modifications to the database will be overwritten when launchd quits. Because of this modifications have to be done in Recovery Mode. On OSX The number returned is the user id of the current user. You will need this number later. In this example we assume that the returned user id is Hold these keys until the Apple logo appears.

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Please adjust the commands below in case your system volume name differs. Finding out why a launchd job does not perform as expected can be a time consuming task if you have to do it manually.

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Using LaunchControl you can troubleshoot a job in a matter of seconds. Most of the time just selecting the job will highlight the problem and give advice on how to fix it. Remember to always re load a job definition after changing it. Just saving it will leave launchd oblivious to the change. It is important to remember that launchd is responsible for turning a process into a background process.

When referencing a shell script in Program or ProgramArguments make sure the script does not put the actual program into the background. Some programs require special command line arguments something like --foreground to prevent them from daemonizing themselves.

silently passing through the ethernet …

Use them and don't try to emulate their effects. If you want to write shell code, give it to the shell.

Instead of. The Unix command sudo is used to run unix commands as a different user. If executed by an unprivileged non-root user it requires the user to enter a password. Obviously, when used by a LaunchAgent the password cannot be entered. Solution: Convert the agent to a daemon. Load the job manually and see what launchd has to say. The following example did not load because the job definition had the wrong permissions.

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  8. Make sure to load your job definition into the correct launchd instance. The example above loads an agent definition into the user launchd instance. Execute this command with root privileges sudo to load a daemon definition into the system launchd instance. LaunchControl will mark invalid jobs automatically.

    Select any invalid job to get further details. All issues except wellformedness can be auto-corrected with the click of a button. Make sure you defined a run condition. LaunchControl will display a warning when no run condition has been specified. Open two windows in Terminal. In the first one we will monitor the system log file for errors of our launchd instance. Replace the argument of the second grep with the Label of the job refusing to start.

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    If you want to debug an agent enter:. The last command asks for your super user password. Now start the job manually in the second window and see what launchd has to say. The following example did not start because the script did not define an executing interpreter:. To find out what "weird reason: 8" is, type this command:. While the code is the same, the problem is a different one. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing what this code means, as a programmer can choose arbitrary exit codes if he wants.

    Maybe the program uses standard exit codes, in which case you can use the Perl one-liner to get a description. If you are lucky the user manual of the program contains a list of all exit codes with an explanation.

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    Otherwise ask the author about the meaning of the error code. Fortunately exit codes are not the only way programs can communicate with the user. Reload it and try to start it again. Now examine the files you specified for those keys. It is very likely that you will find the problem description in one of those files. Some programs accept special arguments to set the location of log files.

    Make sure to examine those files too. Start log monitoring by clicking the button. If you get a message Job failed to exec 3 for weird reason then you can get a description by moving your mouse cursor over the error code in the job list See screenshot. If you get a message Exite with code then launchd started the job just fine. Its just that the program specified in the job definition exited with an error code. Maybe the program uses standard exit codes, in which case you can trust the description LaunchControl provides. Now examine the files you specified for those keys by clicking the button.

    OS X This feature provides an additional layer of security by protecting certain sytem files from modification even by root. In order to make changes to those protected files you have to disable SIP:.

    System-wide File Descriptors (FD) Limits

    It is recommended to enable SIP again. Follow the instructions above. The command to enable SIP is csrutil enable. The trick here is that an OSX application is a folder containing among other things the executable file. The name of the executable is stored in a file called Info. Fortunately the command line utility open knows how to deal with application bundles. By far the easiest war to create a job definition like this is to drag and drop the icon of the application onto the LaunchControl icon in Dock or in Finder.

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    This will create a job definition like this:. We want to perform a backup of a database but this backup should only be performed while the database is running. We will use the PID file to find out if it is running or not. We will delay restarts using the ThrottleInterval key.