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He went from eating all sorts of things as a toddler—to one day not wanting to eat anything.

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He would eat fruit and certain other snacks like yogurt and always would drink milk. You can imagine my dilemmas. The problem, however, is that even after he had the tonsils removed, he already established certain eating habits. Eventually he improved. I think having school lunches—with no snacks leading up to them—helped.

He would be hungry enough that he had to eat what was on the menu—or be miserable in school the rest of the day. Then he started making his own food one summer while taking care of his sisters and realized that the sandwich world was infinite. He also had friends that he would go out with that would get him to try new things. Then the ultimate kicker when he was a teen, was when he got a girlfriend.

Also—while I did worry about how much protein and nutrients he was getting, and still do, apparently he turned out OK. He was never over-weight or under-weight. Anyway, I know I could have pushed more. I know this article is a couple years old, but I ran across it while frustrated and trying to figure out what on earth I could do to get my son to eat.


In his early toddler years he loved hot dogs and macaroni with cheese or without he loved chicken; pretty much all the normal kid type foods. Then one day…. We resorted to giving him carnation instant breakfast in his milk to make sure he got SOME nutrients. Fast forward to age 5…. His Pediatrician says keep trying, offering, cooking with, shopping with etc, and we do. Fried potatoes as in French fries and pumpkin if in muffins or pie. Pomegranates and sometimes apples. She was always very picky since she was born never took a bottle — she would only breast feed.

She stopped eating sweets. She was born this way. I would suggest to get her in the kitchen, smelling, chopping, and touching the food. Getting her in a closer relationship with food might help! It sounds like a sensory issue:. It also helps if they cook with you.

From Picky Eater to Food Feaster: How I got my stubborn kid to love ALL FOODS.

Helping get ingredients, pouring, storing, flipping pancakes, filling muffin tins and washing dishes. My son wants to help out and asks if there is something he can do or watch me make dinner. He is very proud of himself when we sit down together to eat and he helped make the dish. Ooh, I forgot…. Also good with chocolate chips. Will turn a salmon hater into a salmon fan.

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Great on pork roast. This is really more of a desert. Goes great with cheddar panini grilled cheese. Cilantro or culantro: Never use it. Use tarragon sparingly; it;s very potent. May not like tarragon at first, but unlike cilantro, you get used to it.

For zucchini, bake or fry it in panko or steam chayote squash as a replacement.

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If you can find yucca cactus, it tastes better than french fries. Regardless of whether or not they like spiciness or not, it totally changes the flavor of food.

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So, basically, stop being a mealy-mouthed wuss where your children are concerned. They can eat what you prepare or go hungry. And if you insult the cook, you leave the table and go to your room. Thanks for this article! And after 9 years, some smoothies have become tolerable to my son where I make up for when he just tries his meal. Learning to like to foods is like riding a bike or tying your shoe. It having people around makes you nervous, try the new foods alone.

The worst thing can happen is you throwing up. My son is 30 and still eats like a picky 3 year old. I wish I had had some guidelines back when this all started. The pediatrician told me to wait him out. Hi Kay, My son is 18 years old, and only eats few things. He eats pizza no tomato sauce, chicken fingers…only certain places, fries, get this he will eat calimari f ried. Please email me…. I also have an 18 year old son, with close to the same eating habits.

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I need help. There is literally less than 10 things my daughter will eat for an actually meal. PBJ, hot dogs, Mac and cheese etc.

She likes broccoli most of the time which I just about the only vegetable. And she likes most fruits. Do I feed her the same dinner for each meal until she actually eats it? She is 2 26 months. Make it a rule that you have to try everything:. I am just curious though…. What are the repercussions you have set for disobeying the rules? Thank you so much!

enter site This definitely gave me a deeper understanding of what my son is going through and experiencing right now.