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Adobe Illustrator Industry standard design suite. Picasa Picasa for Mac: Google's answer to iPhoto. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Enhance your photos to perfection. ImageJ Scriptable Java app for scientific image processing.

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JustLooking Quickly preview your photos. Now, users searching the Mac App Store store for HDR apps are met with a wide range of options, both in price and features. I took a look at five apps to see how price, features, and results compared. For consistency, the same three raw files were used to test each app. Don't be fooled by the price tag on Tai Shimzu's Light Compressor.

With very simple controls, this app allows you to quickly drag three image files to the main window, and make tone mapping and curves adjustments to the combined image. The dynamic range of a photograph is much wider than what can be accurately displayed on a computer screen, and tone mapping—a core concept in HDR photography—reduces the overall range while maintaining as much of the contrast as possible. There are three sliders under the tone mapping controls that allow you to adjust strength, radius, and saturation.

Below this, there is a familiar Photoshop-style curves adjustment tool, which allows for multiple adjustment points by clicking the plus sign at the top. Light Compressor's default tone mapping settings seems overly strong, but yields pleasing results when lowered slightly. The settings are not refreshed when you load a new set of images, so adjust accordingly.

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The app's strength lies in the three tone mapping engines to adjust your image after the files are loaded—Local Tone Balancer, Local Tone Enhancer, and Fast Tone Compressor. After the selection is made, the slider controls in the Tone Mapping Parameters panel adjusts automatically.

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Local Tone Balancer can be used to balance highlights and shadow detail in small areas of the photo via the Strength and Local Lighting sliders. The Local Tone Enhancer engine is for targeting the shadow details specifically. The Fill Light slider is the key to this engine and will reduce the overall contrast of the image, and lighten some darker areas of the photo.

This engine seemed to quickly wash out the overall image. The final engine is the Fast Tone Compressor, which apples a uniform adjustment to all areas of the photo and allows for the quickest adjustments of all the tone mapping engines.

In some case this may be all that's needed, but there is more fine turning available with the other two engines. Each of the engines also allows for custom settings to be saved for quick future access.

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Overall, HDR Darkroom's user interface is relatively intuitive but could use a little more polish around the edges to make the workflow more clear. Bottom Line: The UI could use some clean up, but good results are possible from this mid-priced app. If you're comfortable with iPhoto, you will feel at home in Creaceed's Hydra. From the app's icon to the user interface, Hydra feels very much like a native Mac app.

When the app is launched, a window opens and prompts you to drag and drop the images you would like to use to create the HDR photo. These images then get displayed in a large preview window, where you can see your adjustments made.


It has advanced tools and features such as HDR algorithm, color enhancement, HDR Denoise, predefined high end presets, smart tone, color adjustment, custom presets and more. It helps you to increase the brightness of a standard low-quality digital image to get beautiful images. It supports export and import RAW images.

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It supports retina display. With HDR effect, get the realistic depth in your photos to make them eye-catching. It supports Mac OSx It is an advanced and complete HDR photo editor tool. The tool comes with features like an HDR enhancer, Dodge and Burn tool, tone mapping, image radiance, Advanced image processing engine, Luminosity Masking and more.

It is a good tool to make your images look beautiful naturally in no time. It supports both Mac and Windows. Get It Here. It is a great tool for photographers as it provides full control over light and exposure in real-time. It has many automated tools like Auto Tone Mapper, Auto-alignment, contrast, white balance, auto exposure correction with fine- tuning, auto- orientation, ghost removal tools and more to simplify the HDR toning. It offers multiple HDR styles along with cutting-edge tone mapping technology to beautify the images. It has the best editing tools such as Ghost Reduction, alignment technology, exposure, contrast, saturation, advanced features like curves and lens correction.

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It has real-time processing which makes it the fastest processing HDR software. It supports batch processing which means you can apply adjustments and styles to the batch of photos.