Wake on lan mac address linux

A command can be run each time the computer is re booted using " reboot" in a crontab. First, make sure cron is enabled, and then edit a crontab for the root user that contains the following line:.

How To Setup Wake On LAN Using The MAC Address

If using netctl , one can make this setting persistent by adding the following the netctl profile:. One way to enable Wake-on-LAN by magic packet is through nmcli. Then reboot, possibly two times. To disable Wake-on-Lan, substitute magic with ignore.

How To Use WOL

To obtain it, execute the following command from the machine:. The knowledge of an IP address for the target computer is not necessary. If used to wake up a computer over the internet or in a different subnet, it typically relies on the router to relay the packet and broadcast it.

So what is the problem?

In this scenario, the external IP address of the router must be known and in some cases the internal IP address of the target machine is needed to ensure the NAT Network Address Translator router manages to communicate with the target machine. If you are connected directly to another computer through a network cable, or the traffic within a LAN is not firewalled, then using Wake-on-LAN should be straightforward since there is no need to worry about port redirects.

When the source and target computers are separated by a NAT router, different solution can be envisaged:.

Otherwise Wake-on-Lan can be achieved via port forwarding. The router needs to be configured using one of these two options:. In order to make sure the WoL packets reach the target computer, one can listen to the UDP port, usually port 9, for magic packets. The magic packet frame expected contains 6 bytes of FF followed by 16 repetitions of the target computer's MAC 6 bytes each for a total of bytes. This can be performed by installing gnu-netcat on the target computer and using the following command:.

Install ngrep on the target computer and type the following command:. It is known that some motherboards are affected by a bug that can cause immediate or random wake-up after a shutdown whenever the BIOS WoL feature is enabled as discussed in this thread for example. Some laptops have a battery draining problem after shutdown [1]. This might be caused by enabled WOL. To solve this problem, disable it by using ethtool as mentioned above. If the link light on the network switch is enabled when the computer is turned off but wake on LAN is still not working, booting the system using the r kernel module at least once and then switching back to the r kernel module included with the kernel seems to fix it at least in the following configurations:.

A patch can be applied or installed as a dkms module which both restores WOL support and fixes the underlying bug, as outlined in this thread.

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See also the pre-patched sources in [2]. I think it's worth mentioning that in certain distributions such as Ubuntu If your system uses the openbsd flavor like on Ubuntu To check which flavor you have, run man nc. The default port for the wake-up transmission is UDP port 9. From Review: Hi, while links are great way of sharing knowledge, they won't really answer the question if they get broken in the future.

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WOL-E - Wake On Lan Tool Suite on Kali Linux 2018.2

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